Opinion - Yellow or white side pannels

Which looks better, yellow or white side pannels?


damn it i though we discussed this already! :Dwhite will go with your front number plate and look like 03! :)

Burned, the only problem is I'll soon have a light on the front of my DRZ. Here's the one I was thinking about:


Should I go for an all white headlight rather than the black one pictured?

Ok, so I'll add on to the above question, what DRZ rear end would look best with this (or a white) headlight and what rear end would look best with a white numberplate?


white looks better,but way harder to keep decent looking.you already have white!

i like the yellow better, thats what came on my 02E and it is some what easier to keep looking good jamie

My vote is for the yellow, i liked the all yellow better.

I have white Matt, and it sucks if you want it to stay nice looking. One hard bail in the dirt and now the side panels are perma-dirty. It looks good in a hardcore dirtbike sort of way, but disgusting as a street rider. The whites are now my dirt only plastics. :)

I'm not really too worried about keeping the white clean. I have the white now, I keep it looking great by shaving out the scratches with a very sharp knife, then sanding the entire thing with fine grit sandpaper (vibrating sander), then give it a shine with WD-40. If the plastic is just looking dingy, WD-40 works great as a cleaner, makes it look new again.

I'm buying all new plastic though, as I just purchased a yellow E tank, and since I need mostly all new plastic as I have Blue now, I'll be replacing it all, even the white.

All I'm after with this post is which one you guys think looks better.



Yellow or white? I think the yellow looks better!

White looks better in my opinion. After all, they are number plates, on a dirt bike, and they are supposed to be white (regulations) at least in my district. Only time you need yellow plates is if you ride MX, and you are a 'B' rider.

I like red ones on my bike :)

First one to figure out why gets the boobie prize.

white over yellow for me.

To hide the streaks of blood from the barbwire that snagged your leg?

You have a secret Honda fetish :)

Red or orange is better than white during hunting season maybe, do i win? :D

Don't laugh but we had a hunter here a few years ago who shot a tan Ford Bronco coming to-wards him on a woods road and it had its headlights on.

I still say all yellow.

Not even close, but very entertaining

Shot a tan Bronco huh? I could see mistaking it for a Rhino, but a deer? :)

The red side-panels for your lil' red trike is covered under secret Honda fetish btw :)

Maybe it is so the DRZ will match your scooter under your name. Come on, tell us. The suspense is killing me.


The White Side-Panels are way sano looking... also the yellow color screams-out "Dirt Bike! Dirt Bike! You need to give me a ticket!" when riding an "S" on the street (IMO).

The clean whiteness is soo cool that they even offer an iMAC/iPod -inspired white plastics kit for Honda CR's to make 'em look ultra-cool.

Besides when you can ride fast and still keep'em clean and relatively scratch-free people tend to give you that look of "Whoa...!"

White with Black backgrounds applied. :)

I say white cause yellow would look ugly with my blue bike. Unlike DR billz, I am not color blind and I don't want an my bike to look like it belongs to the Shriners.

I prefer the all-yellow look. Of course, that's how my bike came...so I like it for now. May go all black some day. :)

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