450 carb

Can anyone rec where I could send my 03 450 EXC carb over the winter to have the mod done to limit the accel. pump squirt? I am afraid to undertake it myself. Thanks

Hey MJM. I just did mine. It's not that hard. You just need either a 4mm or 8-32 tap and a sharp drill bit. I did it myself with a drill press but it would have been better with an assistant. I could have used my wife, I guess, but we all know how that goes! After I threaded the hole, I used a brass 8-32 x 3/4" screw and a small spring. It looks and works great! I can send you a pic if U like.

Heck man. If you can work on a dirt bike, you can do this!

Any others?

I also did my own BK modification by adding the lower bolt. A drill press with a vise, small pilot drill, then bored for a 8x32 thread(can't remember the size of the drill, used one size smaller because of the soft carb material), used a nut to hold the position of the bolt instead of a spring. A very simple task!

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