Change plastic on WR to YZ?

I'm thinking about going back to blue next year, can you put a yz number plate and rear fender on 07-08 wr? I know you need the yz shrouds for an IMS tank.

The number plate is doable.... the tabs on the lower clamp fit right up to the plate, the upper mount can be done several ways.

1. easy cheap and fast, I just use a couple long plastic zip ties through the plates upper mount and run them back around the triple clamp.

2. You can fabricate a bracket as I have seen others do on thgis forum in order to bolt the plate in on top as designed.

Both of these methods are easier if the odometer is removed, you also have to be creative in mounting the ignition switch, again I do this using a couple long zip ties and mount it to the bar risers.

As far as the rear fender goes, I would just remove the tail light and wiring like I have done. It's all sub mount and leaves a clean looking fender. The WR houses the CDI behind the left side panel and the WR fender is molded to accommodate and house it as well, using a YZ fender requires some trimming and in my opinion is not worth it when it's easy enough just to remove the tail light.


thanks, that helps.

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