WR stator wire diagram.. help

i just bought a used wr stator from ebay but i am not sure which wire should go to the battery, ac head light, rect/reg? i have 1 yellow and 1 red from the stator output and the rest goes to the cdi.

some wr stator has only 1 yellow?? i am confuse

if i want to use ac for the headlight. how should i wire up to give a constant light.

Beats me, i never had mine apart. What year stator and WR?

its from a 98, wr400..

1998 Yamaha WR-400 Wiring Diagram:

1998 Yamaha WR-400 Wiring Diagram.jpg

i am in australia and have just got a wr 400 2000 model,it has blinkers and hi/lo beam headlight and i have wiring problems,would anyone have the wiring diagram for this bike,i have already seen the other diagram which does not show these items.

Sounds like someone "floated" the lighting coil...where does the other end of the red wire go? Stock, there's just the yellow wire...

If the coil is floated, the other end of the red wire will be soldered to the end of the lighting coil wire (instead of the end of the coil being soldered to ground). You would need a regulator/rectifier, I think, to use the stator. The yellow wire goes to pos on the input side, the red wire would go to the neg on the input side, then a battery goes across the pos and neg of the output side of the reg/rec. Lights are then powered by DC

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