Speedo trouble

Have any of you guys had trouble with the electric speedo? I have just had to send mine away today as it went all spazy, keeped changing modes and then just stopped working. anybody else had this trouble???? :)

For whats its worth I have a Australian/Euro KTM450 and my electronic odo will not allow me to adjust the wheel size, for fine tuning the odometer. Its set at 2250 and cannot be changed, I know I'm using the right routine because I was able to change the wheel size on an American/Canadian model. Go figure? Anyone else having difficulties.

I took mine straight off and put it on a shelf! But I know of one other on 525 that has the display go blank whenever it feels like it. The tripmeter does keep working in the background, but you cant see it most of the time.


The Aust version is hard wired for batt and thus has no battery installed, if you disconnect the r/br/bl 3 wire connector and put in a battery (number is on back of speedo)it will then allow you to change wheel size. Near as I can figure its a legal thing having a streetable bike that you can alter the speed reading on. I spend best part of a day researching this, as I thought my unit was defective. I even left the battery in so if I want to calibrate for a different tire height, for accuracy I only have to unplug the power connector and run on the battery. Hope this will be of some assistance.

Glad you found your answer, katoum. Thanks for sharing the fix.

I've had my trip2 odo, which is what I use for my main display, reset itself 2 or 3 times. Kind of frustrating as I like to use that for oil change intervals. The hour meter always works so I guess I'll just have to start going by that.

My speedo came set with 2250 wheel size. Is that the correct outside diameter for 21" wheel?

Hey Katoum,

I don't understand why you need to use a battery. Can't you just disconnect the unit, then reconnect and reset the wheel size? Surely the bike can't tell the computer what wheel size to use? Just curious.


Wheel size varies between models. I put a mark on the floor of the garage and on the tire. When the mark comes around again as you push the bike, mark that spot on the floor, too. Then measure that distance and set it into your computer.

Throw that all out the window at an enduro, though. What's critical is getting your odo sync'd up to the odo used to lay out the course. You generally do that in the first few miles at the course markers.

Yes, that's the default, its close but does not give pinpoint accuracy due to different tire heights.

Thanks for the info. Slowly getting used to this gadget and no mysterious problems with it yet.

Fremont. No, I dont think thats right unless im missing something with u.s. spec compared to u.k.

The wheel circumference for the 400,450,525 exc with the standard enduro tires is 2205mm and this is the setting you want for your new speedo.

You should be able to convert between kmh or mph automatically by using the menu.

If you want to be 100% accurate make sure your front tire is inflated to the correct pressure that you ride and with the bike standing upright on a solid floor, measure from the floor to the highest point of the tire and take the height in mm. For KMH it is your measurement x 3.14.

For MPH it is the same measurement again in mm x 3.14 then divide by 1.61.

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