hey yamakaze, how goes it?

i was just thinking today (rare occurrance in itself :) ) , and remembered that kid you were teaching to ride, and all the TTers were being generous enough to donate old gear to. hows he coming? teaching going all right?

(just curious) :D

Brian is doing pretty well. He has moved from the back of the pack up a couple of riders. We were going to enter him in his first GNCC race this Sunday, But he has been having some school grade problems and I have had to bench him for the last three weeks. He's pulled the grades up this past week, but the race is in 3 days and he hasn't practiced. Mabe he'll be ready for our last race of the year at Loretta's. He has Outgrown the KLX 300 pretty quickly so I'm gonna pick up a 99 YZ400 for him in a few weeks.

We just got a 13 YO teenage girl as well....She is already buggin me to let her ride the KLX...This outta be a hoot....

Bonzai :)

Bonzai, I know where you can get her a 1996 XR200 that would be perfect for her...........in fact, I used to own it.....but the X-wife has possession of it now. :):D:D

David....Are you racing this weekend or doing another round of the "Matress Mombo" ?

Steve and I are heading for the Big Buck GNCC in Cross Anchor SC at noon on Saturday....

Bonzai :)

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Yamakaze, I've been off the BBS for a while, but I just wanted to let you know that I will be at the GNCC this weekend also. If you want to look for me, I'll be in a blue and silver Dakota Quad Cab with a yellow YZ/WR 400 in the back.

COOL....STEVE (RSK) and Myself will be in a new Z71 Pick-up Pulling my Race White Trailer, Big THOR Logo's on each Side with the # 829 below the Logo. There will also be a Big Green Pop-Up Shelter up against the trailer.

Stop by....


Bonzai :)

Hi All

We will be at the GNCC race this weekend at SC, in vendors row across from the pro pits. The MX-TECH banner will be flying on top of the boxvan.

Stop on by, we offer a courtesy service of setting clickers, sag and any suspension advise.

Also, it will be really cool to be able to put a face to the names on this site.

Take Care, John


We will stop by Saturday afternoon, we plan to arrive between 2 and 3pm from Atlanta.

See Ya.


Bonzai :)

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