I got my MOTOMAN 393 sticker today

Just to let all the TT's know that I put one on my front # plate and the other will be on my helmet.I have a harescramble this weekend(10-13) and I'll ride harder this weekend than I've race all year. This race will be for Garret and his family.I've not did better than 4th all year. But I ain't going to be so slow on my 2-5-0 :)

I hope my comes soon. I put my envlope in the mail 2 weeks ago so I am expecting it soon. Thanks for the update.

Roost ya later


Just to let you guys know.I wasn't so slow on my 2-5-0!I got second place.Everytime I started to fade I would say Motoman 393. it seemed to get me going again.Could someone e-mail me the Bergs home address.


I am glad I got your decal out quickly. I knew those decals were worth at least 5hp on the top end. Thanks for putting one on your bike.

Thumper MX, email me if you don't have your decals in a couple of days. whb-mdmb@worldnet.att.net

I'll be glad to send some more. :)


Hey Bill, Did You Get my envelope this past week? I am looking forward to my sticker giving me an extra hours endurance at next weeks Croom enduro.

thanks, Jeff

I did recieve mine 2 days ago. Its great and is already on my helmet. Thanks

Roost ya later


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