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Husky warm start procedure?

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I have a 1993 WXE-350 Husky. I love the bike and it starts up with 1 kick when cold (fuel enricher on). Never a problem when I first start it up. However, after riding it for 20 or 30 minutes, God help me if it stalls out or I shut it off. I usually have a hell of a time getting it restarted. What is the correct procedure for starting oneof these?

I read somewhere about using the compression release (it does have one) to get the piston to a certain location prior to starting. I am pretty new to big four strokes and don't really know how to use the compression release properly. How do you know where the piston is?

Any advice on warm starting this beast? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Frank Nye

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I just got off the phone w/ George @ Up-Tite Husqvarna, and we got on the topic of “hot starting”.

Here is what he shared with me:

One of three ways:

1: Start like normal, using the compression release and kicking as you normally would. Hopefully that works. (My opinion is that Husky’s aren’t critical with piston location, unlike the YZF’s, never have been for me anyhow)

2: Hold in compression release, and at same time, pull the throttle back all the way. Then, while doing that, kick it over easy 7-10 times. Then try step (1) again.

3: If (2) fails, then pull out the choke, use and use starting procedure (1) as always….

A hot start system is not something you need to install according to George….(I have it though, don’t say that too loud)

Hope that helps…


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Hey Frank,

I have the same bike, only a 1992. Hot start, pull compression release and give 2 kicks with lever pulled. Give one more kick and release compression release when kickstarter is moving. I just purchased my used bike a few months ago. I really like the bike. I took me a while to get used to starting the bike. It always starts cold like you say. Also, I had troubles starting my bike warm at first. I live at 5700 feet above sea level. The guy I bought it from lives around 200. I had to set the air screw as described in the factory manual. It seems to make a major difference in hot starts. I can send you copies if you don't have the book. The carb setting seems to be very important.

I have a question for you. The front tire rubs on the rear front fender when the forks bottom. Does yours do this????. Thanks, John

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