totally off topic, It's Glock time!!!!

Well, with all the nuts out there it's time to upgrade my home arsenal. I've got the protection trained Rott and my granddad's old Colt .38 Police special he gave me. I just want something more though.

Heres what I nailed it down to.

Either a Glock 23 Which is a full size .40 caliber FBI issue. price: $550 + tax.

or go even BIGGER and get the Glock .45 Caliber for $600 +tax.

The price difference isn't as much a consideration as the caliber. What do you guys think? The guy at the gun store said the .45 round actually travels slower with less impact then the .40 caliber. The .40 fits my hand better, that .45 is just a friggin' hand cannon.

Both hold 10 in the clip.

What do you guys think?

I like the Glock 17 better. 9mm. I shot the .40 a few times and was always far more acurate with the 9mm than the .40. The "stopping power" myth is just that. There is no pistol on earth that will "stop" a 200 lb man thats is charging you at close distance. Give me 4-5 acurate quick shots any day over 1-2 maybe's. There is some real good info at

One other thing. I prefer the 17 becuase of the full grip. The .40 I shot never really felt secure in my hands, it was the short grip. The glocks light weight and the large amount of kick from .40 ammo makes for a difficult target pistol. Also, 9mm ammo is cheaper, more common and more reliable. There have been some cases of .40 blowing up in your face. Go to glocktalk for sure and read up.

Yak, thanks for the info. I'm going over to glocktalk right now.

Is that 9 mm you shot a full size or one of the compact 9's??

How was the kick.

They have a range at the gun shop but they charge you $30 per gun with only 10 rounds to try one of their rentals. That is just kind of high to me.

The Glock 45 is more accurate than the 40 cal. Yes it is slower and less punch but of course with a bigger hole(45) you get more fluids out of that hole.The 40 is a necked down version of the 10mm. If you want a screaming good round look at the 357 sig cal. in a glock.


I like to go with the "ammo" that is easiest to get and been around the longest! It makes it easy to 'barter' iffin times "get tough!" Just the radical portion in me that seldom surfaces. I vote 45! :)

Now you're talking something I know about! I've carried (on duty) glocks (Glock 17, 19, 23) for a total of 14 years. Before that, I carried a S&W 5906 for 5 years. Before that, I carried a Ber. 9mm. Before that Colt .45.

The Glock I carry now (23 -- 40 cal.) is, no doubt, a very good firearm, but I only carry it because the agency I work for makes me and will not cover me if I get into an off-duty fire-fight with any other weapon. However, if I had a choice, I'd carry the S&W 5906 9mm. Here's why: It's just as accurate (9mms for me are more accurate) as any other firearm I've carried or owned (which is a lot); it's just a tough as well. Furthermore, and most important, it has a de-cocker (some people call them a safety) and the first shot is double-action, unlike the Glock. The closest I've come to being killed in the line-of-duty was from another cop when he accidently touched the trigger on a Glock 17 and the round went through a mobile home and came out over my head about 2 inches. The double-action is also safer around children; the glock, if loaded, is NOT safe around children because of the the single-action first shot.

Here's another reason I don't like Glocks (safety reason). Another friend (non-cop) went to a movie show. He put his Glock in his wife's pocket book during the movie (very dumb move). When they got ready to leave, his wife (not remembering the gun) reached in her pocket for the keys and touched/pressed the trigger of the Glock. My friend got a gut shot and almost died as a result. He sold the Glock.

I carry a gun 24/7, so if you need some more information, PM or email and I'll be glad to provide what you need. Also, one of my close friends is a firearms instructor who specializes in the Glocks. If you go for the Glock, get the Glock 19, you'll like the feel. That was my favorite Glock out of all of them. Also, Glock has another interesting gun that we call the "baby Glock." It's a .40 very compact (we use for ankle gun), but I don't have mine yet so I don't know the model number. I shot it...that's why I kept my .38 back-up. Good luck JED

.45 all the way, why mess around when you can just make the mess. :)

You guys just have these to get the best parking spots in the pits, right ? Or is it like a peeing contest ? LOL eh!

Also.... in test conducted by the agency I work for, the higher velocity .40 performed better than the slower .45.

But, I like the BIG .45 too -- that's why it's my favorite non-business gun (I save it for the burglar who's trying to cause me bodily harm, of course) just in case I can't get to my MP-5 or AR-15. JeD

I guess it just comes down to what you like better and what you thing will be better for YOU. I like the 9mm because I think it makes a better practice/target round. Its cheaper and your magazine will hold more so less reloading, which I think is a real pain (in the thumb). Here is how I see it; 9mm is still a pretty powerful weapon, if you are a burglar and some how end up at the other end of a 9mm and you hear that go off without earplugs in dead silence and feel the shockwave and the pain and the blood, you are not going to be thinking "thank god I only got hit by a 9" ....first thing would be "how the #$%^ do I get outta here". In the event that you have to use it for intimidation, same rules apply. Do you think that the perpetrator is thinking "its OK, he only has a 9"

This is just my opinion though, Im kinda partial to the 9mm

I'd have to say if I had to make the choice of favorite pistol, my Glock 21 is probably tops. Of course that's with the pre-Clinton era >10 round mags. If you decide on the 45 then make sure you size one in your hand. About half of my friends who have tried my 45 had problems getting a good grip on the frame.

If you have any cash left over consider getting the MetPro tritium sites, they rock. I picked them up at the SOF convention in LV a few years back and they installed them on the spot. :)

Glock 29.

Reasons being: it’s one of the few handguns built around a 10 round magazine, and it’s one of the few handguns built to handle a FULL POWER 10 mm round.

Why mess around with a 40, when you can still get the more powerful 10mm? :)

From a homeowner's self defense stand point I don't care about the price of ammo.

Hell, I paid almost $1 a round for hydro-shock +P rounds that I keep in my .38. Mind you I don't use them for target practice, they are in the loaded gun as we speak.

Jed, the single action on the Glock doesn't seem ideal to me either but I have no kids and intend to keep the gun holstered when not in use.

I want a gun that fits my hand well (so far the the Glock 22 feels awesome) and will stop some pumped up drug addict and his buddy too.

I hear the point about the shock of being shot will scare someone off but I have heard horror stories of intruders being shot with light caliber rounds and they just keep coming. I DON'T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO ME OR MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!

Damn, why can't I just buy them all????

Thanks for all your insite. I just got done surfing the glocktalk and glock official page and got some valuable info there too.


I have some experience in this arena. I vote 45 all the way and here is why.

1. The 45 has more knock down power, the military switched to 9mm about 10 years ago for availability reasons and is now in the process of switching back because of performance. There are many reports of police shooting a criminal only to have to shoot him again because he got up after the 9mm slug.

2. If this is a home security situation, you can make the argument that the 9mm is easier to handle by you or your wife. But I have always subscribed to the reasoning that if you don't practice enough it does not matter what you are shooting."One shot one kill theory".

3. The 45 3 safety features, hammer, grip lock, thumb lock.

4. Because it's the biggest baddest MF on the block and will make an unwanted intruder take a much wanted dirt nap. With one well placed shot.

5. If this is mainly for the wife I would think hard about a revolver. A revolver is much less malfunction prone than any semi auto and will give her much more confidence.

6. One last thing if you don't have a good practice regime for shooting weapons it is of no value. So whatever you decide train yourself and your wife on the operation and reloading of said weapon. I can give much advice on this subject if you want.


Ranger, you like the .45 huh? That was my original thought too when I went in the gun store but the guy dropped that g22 in my hands and it just felt great.

I like the idea of having more power too. As far as my g/f goes she is comfortable with my .38 revolver and I am going to take her to the range (as much as she will go) to shoot my new gun.

Ranger, do you think the .45 is that much better than the .40 considering the .40 slug travels at a higher velocity? The salesman said the .45 travels slower but has more impact?? Kind of backwards to me but then again what the hell do I know?

I just have to say I love my H&K .40 best weapon I have ever owned

If your main goal is home defense save yourself $300 and buy a Remington 870 Magnum Shotgun ($279 at Big 5)...then load it with OO Buck and get a bandalier. Your chances of hitting and stopping a moving threat are greatly improved with this weapon.

I've carried A Smith .40, Sig Sauer 226 .9mm, and Glock .40 (23 and 22). I did not care for the Smith (safety problems, weighed a ton) but the Sig and Glock are excellent guns. I would stay with the .40 because it is easier to stay on target.

If you have children unattended in your residence you will need to get a safe.....


Guns don't kill people, people kill people.... (I stole this from somewhere)

The safety features are very nice on the Glocks, I’d still rate a semi auto hand gun one step below a double action revolver as far as a home defense weapon.

Chances are if someone breaks into your house, you (macho Glock Guy) won’t be home. So your girl friend tries to figure out how to take off the safety on the Glock 22, and then MAYBE if she gets the safety off by then she’ll forget to rack the slide and chamber a round. :)

Hell, buy another 38.

If we are ranking home defense firearms then any pistol is a DISTANT second to a pump 12 gauge. Six shot for nice guys, buckshot if you are less tolerant, slugs if you are a sadist. Also, with shot shells you can't miss the intruder and accidentally maim your neighbor down the street.

Ranking pistol calibers??

I always thought the .41 was a great choice, but impractical. Like MotoDad I would want a widely available round, in that case a 9 mm wins out, cheapest ammo, but then there is the shooting the neighbor thing, which sort of tilts it back to the .45. Less muzzle velocity, bigger and heavier round, so it delivers an impact and is less likely to ricochet wildly.

Having said all that, pistols make me nervous. Too easy to shoot yourself with. I'll stick with my Remington 870, six shot (I'm a nice guy :)), best part is it does double duty as my bird and skeet/trap gun. Fits nicely under the bed, too.

As for Glocks, I'm old school and biased against plastic guns. Browning invented the auto handgun, so I'd go with that or an officers' .45 ACP.

My two grains.

Mr. yznvegas, I would get the .45 cal if this is to be a defense gun. I shoot both .40 SW and .45, in 1911 style guns at our local IPSC matches. I use .40 SW for the decreased weight of the bullet, increased speed and the accuracy is acceptable. But after researching the optimal home defense caliber from various experts (videos, books and magazines), The .45 was the logical choice. As for the Glock, I think the Glock is a great gun, but I prefer the 1911 style single action autos. It is the preferred pistol style by SEAL, special forces and all those spooky guys. On recoil, it's in your head! My 100 lb wife shot the PPK .380 I bought for her and hated it. She then picked up my Colt Gold Cup .45 and started ripping out the rings at 15 yrds... first time! Well, she had some lessons first. If a 200 lb nut pumped up with amphetamines is ready to put my lights out with a weapon, please hand me my Colt Commander .45!!!

TT Newbie!

p.s. Ditto to Mr. Ranger. Great advice! Slower speed x greater weight x all energy expended within your target and hasn't exited out the other end = big ouch!

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