Alpinestars and Shoei ? What works and fits?

Time to upgrade from my "economy brands". I would like some experienced opinions on Alpinestar boots: I normally wear a size 10 shoe, do the Alpinestars run true to size and how do they compare to others?

What about helmets? Is Shoei or Arai or something else the way to go? How do their sizes run?

Anything else I should know when looking for these things? I am probably going to buy used unless there is some reason not to... :D

Thanks in advance!! :)

I just upgraded to a new pair of Tech 8's and can say they are the most comfortable boot I've worn. I'm a true size 19 and bought the size 10 boots. They fit great and I only wear 1 pair of socks now. My Shoei VFXR fits my 7 1/2 head in an Xtra Lg. Feels good and I know I've got the best protecting my noggin.Hope this helps

I have Tech 8's and I needed them a size larger than my perv. pair of boots. Make sure you try the size before you buy. I really like them and actually am on my 2nd pair.

I stepped up from oneals to tech 8s.I was wearing 11 in the old boots.With the t8s i am in a size 12.

Good luck :)

I have the Tech 6 boots, and went a size bigger, but then I wider foot...

As for the Shoei helmet, I think for a snug fit, you may want 1 size smaller that other helmets... in other words, if your take a large, then you will get a medium in Shoei...

I would buy a new helmet, boots could be secondhand.. but you don't know the history of a used helmet, and it only gets one chance to do it's job properly... You can get some good deals on Shoei skid lids... BTOmotorsports, and other places... look in the Gear and clothing section, you may have to go and set two weeks worth of posts to view, but there was some info in there about places for a good buy on a Shoei lid...

Good luck,


I think it is a good idea to try on helmets before you buy, some are just uncomfortable for certain folks, but I bought my Alpinestars and Fox boots mail order without trying anything on and have been blessed with good fits.

I went ahead and shelled out big bucks for a Shoei, I found it new on EBay for about $380 if I remember correctly, it was an '01 paint scheme and the '02s were coming out. Even that is a bit much to pay IMO, I wouldn't pay full retail. Why? Because there are so many equally protective (Snell rated) helmets that are light, comfy and look good.

My last helmet was an MSR made by KBC. I just read a review of the new O'Neal helmet, made by KBC, and I think it was actually one ounce lighter than a Shoei, and only around $200. M2R also makes good Snell-rated helmets that are light (albeit a bit retro looking in shape) and very comfortable, as does HJC.

Save your money for the boots if this is an issue. I've tried Tech 8s, Tech 6s, Fox Formas, and Gaerne SG-1. The Foxes fell apart, although I'm sure they've changed a bunch since the pair I bought, but you can't go wrong with Alpinestars (6 or 8), and I love my SG-1s too.

I did not notice any change in protection/support from the Tech 6 to the Tech 8. The buckles and booty are the only difference I can see.

Likewise with the SG-1 Gaernes. Just as comfortable and sturdy as Alpinestars, the sole lasts much longer, but I think the Alpinestar sole gripped better, which makes sense. You can replace the sole, which I've done once on my 'Stars, but I was surprised by how quickly it disappeared.

Anyway, I wear an 11 in dress shoes, a 10 D in boots (feet are a bit wide), and an 11 fit me great in all cases.

BTW I DO really like my Shoei, but as far as I'm concerned my two year old, $250 retail priced MSR by KBC is every bit as good of a helmet, but after a few good blows, including a short and rather spontaneous nap, I decided to retire it. Point being, would you want to buy my used MSR helmet? Hope not.

Boots are another matter, a used Tech 8 is safer than a pair of new Hi Points (comfy but have "ankle sprain" written all over 'em) or any lower-end boot.

My two cents.

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