WR Sidestand

Hi, my sidestand is bust on my 03 450, strangely it matches my mates KTM sidestand !

Bit expensive from Yamaha, been offered one from a WR250 02, can anyone confirm if it will fit my 450.


The brackets are identical on both sidestands so the bolt configuration will work, can't really see anything else that wouldn't fit.

Part Number for 2003 WR-450F:


Part Number for 2002 WR-250F:


My 02 side stand is steel and I am not sure of the exact years but the 450 side stands are aluminum. If I had to choose I would get the aluminum. Something to think about anyway.

thanks for your replies

Go for a newer model side stand like a 04 or 05 they wont hook your leg like your stock one.

Sidestand Part Number for 2004 WR-450:


Sidestand Part Number for 2005 WR-450:


Be prepared for sticker shock! They're around $140.00 each!

I know my 03'WR250F has a heavy caveman club for a kickstand, and if I ever needed to change it out, or found a nice aluminum one, I'd use the old stocker as a boat anchor, or to beat a bear to death .......

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