2007 wr450 break-in

I need advice on a good break-in procedeure for my new 450. The manual basicaly says to take it easy for the first hour then do a oil change and check the valves.What do you guys do ? I hate to take it back to the dealer and spend the time and money if I don't have to. Thanks in advance!

I ran the bike around easy for about an hour then changed the oil. I couldn't believe the how nasty the oil looked. Then I rode it for 67 miles changed the oil and checked the valves. The main reason you check the valves early is so you know where they start at. Then you can see what they are doing the next time you check the clearance. That and you don't want to screw up a brand new bike. I would check them within the first 100 miles to be safe.

Did you change the oil filters as well?

Yes, change the filter as well and use a quality oil and change it regularly. If you have a solid maintenance plan the valves have shown in the past to need an initial reset then they hardly move after that. Unless you are a guy who screams the engine regularly you should be worry free for years to come. I recommend checking the valves every year though , to be safe. :banghead: WR Dave.

Thanks guys. :banghead:

G'day WR Dave, was looking through some break-in threads and came across your comments. I've only just bought my 08 WR450 (upgraded from an '02 WR426), which is the first new bike i've ever purchased after 25 years of riding.

How have you found it in the time you've had it compared to the 426 in relation to reliablility and maintenance?

The 450 is as reliable as any Yamaha I have owned in the past. The maintenance is a bit more difficult with the aluminum frame as everything is pretty tight for space to work with. I feel that the 426 was a much better engine and tranny package in the lower part of the RPM range, but this bike flat out rips when you are in the middle and upper stages of the engine. The '07 turns much better than the old 426 and the weight, while not really any lighter , is a lot lower in the chassis so it feels better. I have had the suspension done for my weight and riding style and that was a huge improvement over stock. I added 1 tooth to the rear sprocket and it seems to have covered the spot that I felt was weak off the bottom. We ride mountain single track here so there are very few wide open areas to get into 5th gear for any length of time, so I don't miss any top end I may have taken away. For the break-in period, I just warmed it up and ran it at different loads and RPMs for the first 10 minutes and then rode it like I stole it. The piston rings need to have that load on them for break-in so they will create the seal to the cylinder wall that they need for the engine to have all the power it can produce. A few oil changes early with quality oil and filters will give many years of service life. I should note that I rarely ride in the uppermost RPM band, most of my riding is in the lower to upper middle RPM's. High RPM riding will require more diligent valve servicing. Good Luck and have Fun! -- WR Dave.

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