Mr. & Mrs. Berg

Just to let you know that I received Garrett's Motoman393 stickers today.And I have to say this is by far the best improvement to my bike and my heart that I've made in years.

I'll run his stickers on my bike for as long as I ride.I'm not the type of person that lets many people touch my heart but your family has made a lasting impression on me.I've thought about how blessed the two of you must feel to have Garrett for your son.And how blessed Garrett was to have parents like the two of you.You see I read the letter that you wrote your son. And I must say this to the both of you. You did it right. How, you ask can I know this and have never met you. From the out going style of Garrett and the many kind words that people from around the world have expressed. From seeing that you from your post taught Garrett about God and insuring in him a work ethic that he had to earn what he wanted.You gave him the freedom to grow and he stay the straight and narrow.This is what we want out of all our kids.MR.& Mrs. Berg you did it right.I will always have that feeling in my heart that makes you feel it in your gut when I think of Garrett.With you permission I would like my boy,Marshall Alan to run Garret's number when he gets his first bike.

your brother in Christ

Dear Mr. Golleher,

Whow! Thank you for the kind words. I am humbled. An old cliche "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink" OH YES YOU CAN - if you make them thirsty first!" It takes a great Mom lots of time spent in the lives of our children - like the poem so eliquently said its the "DASH" between the years that counts! Stay involved and show them that you care - G_d will do the rest.

We would be honored if you choose to run Garrett's number when Marshall Alan get his first YZ!

Be Blessed and Thanks for Caring

Motodad 393,

First of all I would like to say a huge ditto to machoman, he took the words right out of my mouth. It has truly been a blessing to observe your God given strength and ability to go on after such a tragedy. A day has not passed that I have not thought of and grieved for your family and felt a personal loss from it. My kids have always been extremely important, but I find myself putting off other things and playing with them. Often times this is because I think of the kind of parents you and your wife are, and I want to be that for my kids as well. It seems strange but I still end up in tears every time I come to Garretts forum, partially due to your loss and partially due to the blessings I have been granted. Thank you for pressing on and keeping your head up, your attitude is a great encouragement to me. :)

You continue to be in my prayers,


Gary, [3V Rider],

Thanks so much for the prayers - please keep them up. The perceived "strength" during this time is rooted in a DEEP belief in the G_d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and having many good memories of being with my children. In the early years of my kids lives I was disfunctional, at best. My wife and 'Soul Mate' deserves much credit for the kids and has my utmost respect and thankfulness for not giving up on me - when in reality I deserved it!

I have learned that through surviving and not giving up when "life seem unfair" much is to be learned and may be used to help others. My family has received and continues to receive much "STRENGTH" from the fine folks associated with Thumpertalk. The support and encouragement never ceases to amaze me.

I firmly believe that our success in this 'fleshly' life will be measured not by the size of our W2 Forms; but, rather by what our children will say about us when we are not around." So your comment about spending more time with your children is GREAT - don't stop when things "get back to normal!" I have said before on TT that the 'Greatest thing a Father can do for his children is to SHOW THEM that HE LOVES THEIR MOTHER - BY HIS ACTIONS!" You Sir, are well on your way!

Thanks so much for the kind words thankfully besides every man whom appears 'strong' is a GREAT Woman - the Mother of his children! :)

Be Blessed

Motodad 393,

I heard a song today while I was going to my race and thought of Garrett. The song is by one of your Texas greats---Randy Travis. He stated in his song that its not what you take to heaven with you, when your gone, but what you will leave behind when your gone.Makes you think of Garrett dosen't it! I'm thinking his witness.

Michael, Suzette and Shannon,

Thank you for sharing the senior portrait of Garrett with us. Please know that the TT family is with y'all and we are praying for y'all. Let us know what we can do.


Bill Barnard

Mr. and Mrs.Berg,

I am new to this site and the first thing i read was the story on your son Garret. i race motox in maine and i am around the same age as Garret. I know what it is like to have family support on the track and for practice. Garrett was blessed with a great family. And you were blessed with a great son. iam sure he is smiling down on you. you and your family will be in my prayers and in my hart. Bless you all

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