short rider bar cutting

Ive got an 06 yz450 and it still has the stock pro tapers. I was wondering if anybody with a yz450 on here has cut them down to make the narrower. Im only 5'8" and they feel kind of wide. there a bit low like most people say but mostly they feel very wide to me. whats the ups and downs to cutting them?

I was thinking of going to the henry/reed bend cause there taller, but i think my main prob is that they feel wide....:banghead:

what you could try is when your current grips are shot, or you're willingto sacrificethem now, vut the ends of the grips off and slide them on your bars and see how far in until it feels comfortable and maybe safety wire them in place and putt around a bit and see if you like it, that way if you don't like it you still have your bars.

dang i never even thought of that! thats a really good idea. i am in need of some new ones soon so ill give it a try... thanks!

Protaper makes a woods-high bend that is both narrower and taller than stock. Ive always cut mine down for harescrammbles and these were perfect.

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