Hi Output Stator ???

How can you tell if the stator has been rewoned? I bought this 600r 2 mos. ago and i have no history on it. the headlight is very bright and it runs the baha kit and blinkers and when the blinkers are on the headlight dims a little on the blink but not enough to make much differance. It has a battery and a rectifier etc.but the batt is no good. Will it hurt the bike to run this way? I kind of like the fact of no batt. Again to all the guys out there can you give your $.02 ? Thanks very much

Danny V :banghead:

Not a problem to run it with no battery. That is how mine has been for years. A battery is only really important if you road ride at night. I don't do much pavement so it is not much of a concern.

The dimming at idle is normal.

Sounds like you may have a high output stator. The stock stator is marginal with a 55/60 watt headlight. You can check under the seat. The stock stator has three wires. Most aftermarket stators have five as the lighting stator is in two independent coils.

Thanks for the info. I will check out the stator tomarrow but i remember i think i saw only three wires. blk/r , wht/y , grn. The black is the exciter coil to the CDI box and the white is the lighting coil, the green is the ground ?Today i talked to baha designs and he told me i must run a battery or i will blow out the regulator,the lights will start doing funny stuff etc. he said it is a must to have a battery :banghead: They are pretty cool over there they will give a lot of help just over the phone the thing with me is that it is like the "HOGARTHIAN RULE OF DIVING" If you don't absolutly need it,don't bring it, one less rig failure ! Keep it simple !!! I ride on the street/dirt so if i do not have to have one i will not install one. When i bought the bike ,remember it was 7 weeks of hell. Now i do not want to ruin the reg however the battery that is in there now is no good but every thing works so I can live with the dimming of the head light with every pluse of the blinker "not very bad". the headlight is very bright and the hi beam is way bright ! so that lead me to belive i will live w/o the batt.It is just one more wire circut to mess with. Thanks for your thoughts,if you have not blowen out a reg than i am going to leave this the way it is for now and see what happens.

Thanks Danny :busted:

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