New guy XR650R UNI air filter question

Hey all, I've been reading this great forum for some time and now I need a kind of "situation specific" question answered. I have a 2000 650R and I just purchased a UNI air filter with the metal form support to it. My question is do I need to retain the stock backfire screen when I install this filter? It doesn't seem like it wants to fit properly, and for that matter question 2: How does this filter fit? It doesn't seem like it seats properly any which way I place/force it. does it just need to fit over the black airbox, or does it have to seat INTO the black air box. I've always used the stock "sponge" type filters and I've never had a problem retaining the backfire screen or being able to fit the filter (it is quite a bit thinner than the UNI also) into the airbox. Any and all help would be much appreciated and also facilitate me riding my BRP as soon as I can.

Happy Holidays all, and safe/fun riding to everyone!

I run the UNI filter with its own frame and no backfire screen. When I bought the bike, the previous onwer had an XR's Only backfire screen and UNI filter without its own frame installed. Both set ups work, I just wanted a more clean air flow without the backfire screen. I felt both set ups required a bead of grease around the edges of the filter to give it a tighter seal. So far, and considering I have not run thru silt, no dirt has been seen past the filter thus far. :banghead:

With the filter dry and clean, test fit it into place, bending the inner support slightly, to get a good natural seating (it seats INSIDE the rim).

At final install you MUST use grease on the back side of the filter to get a good seal. This motor will pull dirty air right past the edge it has so much vaccuum.

Thanks for all the info, but this thing is just shy of fitting inside the box. I will use the grease, but I'm just gonna shove it in there the best I can and grease the edge I think. Any other suggestions or affirmations?

I too use a UNI filter with the UNI frame and no back fire screen. From what you said, I *think* yours fits just like mine does. The air filter sort of sits within the side panel and air box but sits on top of the air box ridge, if that sounds right. Reattaching the side panel is sort of a balancing act. I always smear Notoil grease along the sealing edge of the air filter and I have never seen signs of dust enter my air box.

Dave, I think you've just answered my question! Thanks a ton. I'm off and riding.

(I'm just using wheel bearing grease, but it should have the same qualities)

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