Why you do NOT stand behind a Thumper: top 10

I'll start: Yesterday at the D22 race, I'm walking through the pits and noticed a KTM with an unusual muffler plug. As I walked closer to investigate this colorful gem, a boy of about 5 comes running up and yanks his endangered bag of Skittles out of the hole... :)...tearing the bag and losing most of them down the pipe!

I gently tried to explain to the little urchin how it wasn't a good idea, when he silences me for good with "It's OK, its just my Dad's bike!" :D What do you suppose it was like, a ten or a twelve gauge loaded with 00 buck when he fired it up? :D Yikes!

My CR250 would launch my pipe plug across the street when I forgot to take it out before starting it! Im sure my 426 would bounce it off the neighbors window. :)



LOL... :D

wonder what happens with m&m's? "melts in your mouth, not in your hand"... never mentions exhaust pipes?!?!? :):D

racer36 :D

Same reason you wouldn't ride close to one, you may be pulling things out of your teeth.

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