Opinion on TTR250

For those of you who ride TTR 250's, I have a question for you. I've been wanting to get my fiancee her first dirt bike for quite some time now, and I'm leaning towards the TTR 250. She's about 5'9", so the ground height won't be a problem. Electric start is definitely a plus for her, but how's the power situation? This will be her first dirt bike EVER- I don't want to get her one so powerful she'll scare herself but I also don't want one so underpowered she'll be bored stiff. So, what do you guys think? Please let me know.

I bought one for my day and i. I race a 250f. It is a very nice bike and it has enough motor to keep me interested in riding it and not wanting to get back on my f. The fun factor is very high with the ttr.

I have a 00 tt250 and a 02 yz250f. The TT is a fun bike. It is a very indestructible submarine like machine. You can lug it in any gear... real easy to ride with no fear of looping it by mistake. I don't think she will get bored to fast. Just be sure she fells OK with the height. The seat is not to tall however it is wide. I can touch the ground just as easy on my YZ. When the bike begins to go over it is hard to stop. It feels top heavy to me. As far as power goes.. it is no yz. To get the front tire up I must stand and pull. However it does have a full suspension and the e-button.. gotta like that.

The TTR250 is a good bike. Like a XR250 but with e-start. It should be a good bike for learning on. More advanced than say a TTR225 but well short of a YZ/WR250F. They can be made to be pretty fast with a pipe, gearing and basic suspension upgrade as you learn and want more . They are reliable. Sold here in Australia since mid '90's and Japan for even longer. Pre 99 had a smaller clutch that could be a bit weak when modded but later ones are great. Guy we trail ride with enjoys his no end.

I have a 99 TTR 250...It is great...Sometimes I wish it had more power, but it's definietly adequate...The Bike is Rock Solid...I have never had a problem with anything and it ALWAYS starts...Even after being Dumped on it's side(which I've done more than a few times) but I have opened up the Airbosx and Changed the front sprocket for more low end.

This Bike will stay with me even when I move up in bikes, it is definitely a keeper.. It is a bit heavy, so make sure she can handle picking it up in a crash.. Just my .02


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