Bent Brake Pedal

Rode this weekend for the first time in 6 months and had a lot of fun for change, to competitive for my own good. Anyway i clipped a hay bale in Talledega at Glen Helen on the start of my last moto and wrapped the brake pedal around my foot peg. Coming down Shoei hill with no rear brake is interesting to say the least so i decided to call it a day. The search i found for aftermarket was from 03 so is Hammerhead the only company that makes something for my 06?

Sunline make a T-6 alluminum one and it comes with a lever saver cable, so that wont happen again. Fits 06 450. Pricey though at $160.

Pro armor makes a billet black one for $170 Fits 06 450.

GYTR makes one for the 06 for $125 billet. (verry nice)

Just look through Tucker rocky and Rocky mountain MC, thats where I found all these. Let us know what you think of the one that you decide to purchase.


Thanks i forgot about Tucker Rocky. BTO and Motosport did not have anything.

Look on ebay, you will find several used ones most likely. I have bought three in the past...two as replacements and one for a spare that I keep in my toolbox. Don't think I paid more than $20.00 for any of them.

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