MX Track

Greetings, I just want to tell you all what a great time I had on my 450 this last sunday. I rode a track for the first time it was the best riding I have ever done. I know alot of you ride tracks all the time, now I know why, its fun! I feel some flaming coming on , but don't think I have never ridden before, I have been riding trails only, since I was 8 yrs. old and now I'am 36. My last bike I bought new was in 98 was an ATK 605, way too heavy . I traded it in and bought a 2003 YZ450F and it is the funest bike I have ever ridden and it is even more fun on the track. I cant wait to get back on the track, I might never ride trails again.

Well its a good thing you ended up liking the track, cause the 450 you got sure as h3ll isnt a trail bike.

how u liking gormon 03 450?? i ride there at least twice a week and love it...

Its awesome, I'am going again on oct.20

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