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'00DRZ400e will not start...need help quick!

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Although I consider myself above average in mechanical ability and

aptitude I am stumped and need your advice quick. I am planning on

attending the Maggie Valley D/S this weekend...that is if I can

figure out what is wrong.

I have installed a new CR8E plug. It fires fine as it is grounded

against the frame. I have removed the fuel drain on the bottom of

the carb, drained the gas, replaced the drain plug and alowed the

tank to refill the float bowl. Again, I removed the drain plug and

drained the gas. I am sure gas is getting to the carb. OK, so I

have gas and a good spark...should start...but, it doesn't.

Two weeks ago, I started the bike and it fired right up. Nothing was

done to it since. All the wiring and fuses are fine. I removed the

exhaust endcap to see if a critter might have crawled inside(don't

laugh, it happened on my PE175 last year). The air filter is new and

just oiled and excess squeezed out.

What next? Your help appreciated.



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it may be sparking, but it it sparking at the right time???

im assuming you have compression too right???

does it sputter at all?? or nothing??

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Does it have a kickstarter? If so, make sure the compression release is not stuck. If it is the engine will crank but won't run (no compression). This happened to me once. Just check the little metal piece on engine side of the compression release cable and make sure it's not stuck open.

If it seems to have compression and spark, spray some gas or starter fluid in the hole before putting spark plug in. If it fires up and then dies, you may still not be getting fuel.

Good luck.

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