Trailer life while camping-riding

What type of trailers-campers are most people using. Size type, etc??? While riding there WRS :)

36ft 5th wheel Patio Hauler full everthing and then some, keep your wife/girl friend happy and you can ride all you want to.And camp any were and any temps, rain or shine.

monty :)

Hey Monty,

How's it hangin'?


I've had great luck with my Dunes. It's 26ft, and just like a toybox style. The one Monty has actually sports a rear "garage" section for bikes and patio use. Advantage: you don't have to worry about bike mess and smells like you do in mine. Disadvantage: you give up some living space. With two teenage sons, I need all the space I can get, LOL!

IMHO, the best ones seem to be Patio Hauler, Dunes, Weekend Warrior, and Thor Wanderer Wagon. Not necessarily in that order.


I have a 21' hardside. Tow it with my truck and load the bike in the back.

I have a 26' Week-End Warrior.


1988 Ford E 150 Van and a 3 man dome tent! :D. The van has tons of room and I keep the WR inside all the time when not riding with tools, coolers, camping stuff ect. Its cool becuse you never have to unpack your stuff. It has a trailer hitch so I could pull a trailer and I could drop the bikes and put an infaltable matteress in the van, but I kinda like the tent thing to be honest. :).

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