My Best Friend


What a wonderful tribute to a friend who'll always be with you.

I'm sure Garrett would of been equally proud of you as his best friend.

There are measures of friendship and love for family and friends that time and distance, or life and death can never take away or diminish.

I'll always regret that I never got to meet Garrett in person. I saw him and his friends (you were probably one of the group) on a couple of occasions at the track (Mills Rd. and Three Palms). I considered walking up and introducing myself, but as he was with his friends and I was with my friends and our children, I let the moment pass me by.

I'll never again take my children for granted or miss a chance to make a new friend with another rider, no matter how young or old, he or she may be.

I look forward to meeting you, your friends, and Mr. Berg some day soon at one of the local tracks.

I promise, I'll come up and introduce myself no matter how many people are in your or my group.

As long as you remember your loved ones they'll always be with you.


You are an example of Garrett living on in all of our lives. Keep your head up and cherish Garrett's memories that you have. He has made me appreciate my son and daughter even more. Be proud of what you take away from your friendship with Garrett. Well said my friend.


you guys are too much! nothing even comes to mind on the words i want to say, but great words for a great person i never met.

This is a paper I wrote about Garrett. I just thought I would share it with ya'll.

"My Hero"

A hero is many different things to many different people. A hero is usually someone that somebody idolizes in a competitive sport, a sports hero. Or a hero is someone that saves a persons life, or someone that a person that somebody thinks is the greatest in the world and always looks up to. My hero is my best friend, Garrett Berg. And he was every one of these types of heros to me.

Garrett was my sports hero. He and I rode together, and he was an excellent rider. He was always just a little faster than me, and I always had to struggle to compete with him. I would follow him around, eating roost, and learning his techniques and lines, he also taught me alot by mouth of how to be faster. He was my own "personal trainer" for motocross, and I couldnt have had a better one.

Garrett also saved my life. He didn't neccesarily save me from death, but he "saved" my life from many things that could have happened to me if he wasn't around. I would have done alot of things differently, and most likely wrong. He taught me a lot about my self and who "I" was, not who I thought I was.

In my eyes, Garrett as the greatest person that walked this earth. He was smart, and possessed many talents that most people, especially at a young age, don't have. He would make sure what had to be done was done exactly the right way. I have always looked up to Garrett, and I thought a lot about him, and whenever I was faced with a challenge, I would say, " how would Garrett do this"? When I thought about it like that, I almost always tackled the problem more than adequately.

I actually had the privelege of knowing my hero, unlike most people and their own personal heros. I also had the unfortunate privelege to see my hero's death, in person. My best friend, Garrett M. Berg, died on September 22, 2002 while riding motocross, his favorite activity, his passion. Most people never get the chance to even meet their heroes, unlike me, and I am fortunate to have known him and let my hero teach me what most people want to learn from their heroes, everything they know to be the best that they can.

Matt Sandt

Written October 3, 2002 at Garrett's grave.


I remember the first time you shared this "tribute" to my Son with me. Everytime I read it - it warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes! Garrett was very fortunate to have a friend and confidant like you. He too looked up to you. I can think of no finer tribute to my Son than to "speak from your heart" such as you did. It takes a 'strong man' to share their heart - this my son is a strength, not a weakness. Thanks for being a big part of Garrett's life.

I Love You Matt - that's why I have always called you my 'Adopted Son' As you know you will always be part of our Family!

"Thanks for ALWAYS being there for us Matt." :)

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