Caution cracked oil line bolt top of valve cover

FYI 2001 MXC400

while having a new waterpump seal installed, the shop that did the fix, "which ended up leaking the next day again?

noticed that the exterior oil line bolt that mounts on top of the valve cover had cracks through 50% of the bolt?? the bolt has 4 holes for flow of the oil.. and if it should crack all the way? it could ruin a good ride.. the shop said I might have over tightened??You might want to check that bolt next time doing any service up there..


insuremx,thanks for the 411, i will be sure to put that on my checklist.

Good advice about not overtightening banjo bolts. There are several on your bike. They're on either end of that line you mention plus on each end of the 2 brake lines and the clutch line.

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