What is this?!

Saw this post in the TTR section...made me laugh. Take a look. Where do these guys come from? click here

Someone archive that thread. That was a hilarious read.

My favorite (but only funny if you read all the posts before it), from pjl:

This is by far the stupidest thread that I have ever read. I feel more ignorant now that I have read it.


Not sure exactly why that struck me so, but I spit beer all over my puter when I read that. laugh.gif

Yeah baby.........Pimpin' Yo...........

Dodger :):D

Is that JIVE you are speaking?

LMAO! I just blew coffee out my nose! Damn that burns!

Wassup, yo?

If it's joak or dreem, I'm ok widdit.

Else, it's fry-ten-in.



My sincere apologies to the English for our distinctly American penchant for destroying the language.

That was funny.

I hope my kids never speak like that.

no no, this was the best one i heard in there:

Dom, stop pimpin and start paying attention in school. Your education is suffering man. Trust me, no hoe likes a stupid man.

that was great


Man!! That was the greatest post of all time... Funny, im not sure what he was even trying to say.

I now know what I will trade my WR in for: WOW! That quad will have the Iowa DOT breaking out the riot gear!! :)

Can you Say (Red-Neck EBONIC'S), I knew you could....

Bonzai :)


One of the funniest threads I have ever read. One of the saddest as well.


I laughed so hard I cried. That picture of the 4 wheeler was too much!

Look, I'm from Québec and I have to amit that I might injure the English language sometimes (too often... :D) as my first language is French. Anyway, if I'm doing that bad only once, I hope you guys will have the gentleness to tell me :D. What was this guy trying to say :)??? I got nothing out of it. NO-THING!!! What a laugh!


Can someone just host the snappers pictures so we can see his big bore TTR125 with blue neon lettering that says TTR

that would be smick

Wow that whole thread is too funny...if I wasn't laughing so hard I'd say it was a waist of good bandwidth! I especialy like Newriver's translations...good one! Guess we all need a good laugh now and then. (just don't look too close to my spellen) Reminds me of the "Hooked on Pasionics" bit.


Wow what a DOM*ss :)

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