450 Oil Change

Good God...could it be anymore involved! I thought the Cannondale was bad with 2 screens and a filter. Has anyone found anything in the screen filter in the frame. The one I did was totally clean which leads me to believe it could be skipped and completed every third or so oil change. And, why does the manual say to remove the header pipe to remove the oil filter? Did I miss something?


Joe :)

In one year of ownership I checked the screen on my 250F only after the second oil change. I never did it again for the other 15 oil changes. There are some people here who believe that it is a waste to check it every time. Do a search here and on the 250 side to get a good idea of what I am talking about.

I'm with you JJ. I just changed the oil in mine for the first time too. What a Pain In The Ass! I was expecting a five minute operation like my two stroke but spent 20 minutes instead. And how many times do you think you can take the hose off the upper screen filter without ruining it? That thing looks expensive.

When I whined to my 426 buddies they said don't bother with the upper screen after the first couple of oil changes because it never catches anything any way. I hope they are right.

Kyle T

A good tip would be to get a case of oil. We change the oil after every practice & race. But not as often with the filter. I believe the owners manual says to change the oil after every race. We only changed filter once in 3 months.

I have changed the oil in my 450 four times in 10 hours of riding. I have never removed the header pipe (only true with pre-2003 models) and I don't bother to check the frame filter. I believe that the only reason the header would need to be removed is if you were going after the frame filter.

After having changed the oil in my 2001 WR426 many times, I noticed that there was never any debris in the frame filter, so after a while I stopped messing around with it. I am assuming that the same holds true with the 450 frame filter. At least I hope this is true for my bikes sake.

If you just change the oil and filter, the process shouldn't take more then 15 minutes.


The purpose of the screen is probably to collect fragments of damaged engine parts if the s-t would hit the fan. If a major failure would occur, the top end, bottom end, clutch and gearbox would really go down the tubes, since they all share the same oil. So, why not put a decent screen on and be on the safe side, a Japaneese engineer could have thought.

I checked my '00 WR400F a couple of times and never saw anything. Haven't even bothered to check the screen on my 250F, even though I change oil every 2 engine hours.

Regrettably, the manual basically says to change all parts of the bike after every ride, so information on good service intervals seems to go by word of mouth.

Sorry to sound like a total idiot but what is the frame screen and where is it located? How do i check it?

Also whats the best oil to use a semi-sythetic or non-synthetic?

The company I work for operatates a large amount of turbo-machinery, all of which have a suction strainer upstream of the oil pump, the purpose of the strainer is 2 fold, one reason is to provide a larger suction/supply area for the oil pump this prevents a piece of gasket, silicone et from partially or fully plugging the oil pump supply. The second reason is to prevent damage to the oil pump. I have an 02 426, I checked the frame strainer/screen after the initial 2 hours on the bike (found clean) then plan to check it once a season there after.

I guess the frame screen is just for parts that are fallen in the oilfiller hole. There is another screen just under the oil pump witch keeps bigger parts out off the oil pump. I shredded two teeth of the 4th gear on my 250f, now guess where I found the metal peaces… in the magneto rotor! Nothing in the oilfilter and nothing in the gearbox.


01 YZ250f

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