Different clutch lever?

I recently bought a 525sx and I am new to ktm's but have now made the switch from blue to orange. I was wondering if there were any different clutch levers out there that had a different bend in them that would make it easier to pull with one or two fingers. The sx has lighter flywheel weight then the mxc and exc's. So sometimes i have to use the clutch when entering a turn a little hotter than normal so i dont stall the motor.

Yes, enduro engineering makes a quicker throw lever with a needle bearing. I use a Holeshot billet lever much as above and I've had it on 3 different bikes. Love it.

I tried the Enduro Engineering Lever with the needle bearings and didn't care for it. I went back to the stock lever. The stocker has a larger area for your finger so if you use one finger a lot it actually feels better. The EE was smooth but is narrower. I kept it for a spare.

Thanks for the info i will look into the eduro engineering and holeshot lever and make my decision, i can always go back to stock if i don't like it

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