Putting the pig on a diet

I can feel the big difference when I take the Baja light off, going through the whoops at 70mph.

Holy s#$t! you can do 70 through the whoops???

... Even the really big ones???


Not very often anymore. Not with my wrist, and when I did not as long as others I have ridden with.

I think that is one of the things about the XR650R (once you spend the time and money on suspension) that it excels at. I have video of some of the other guys like Gene Lane, David Gray doing about 70 when we were setting up their suspension for the 2004 Baja 250. I have some video of me doing top forth through some small whoops but, maybe this weekend I'll get video, gps and some big sand whoops and get some footage till I fly off the bike and cart wheel past the camra:ride: I can hear the sirens now:cry:

But, seriously, I have seen Rob Barnum, Jimmy Sones, and a few other top riders go 70mph through some very big whoops, stuff that make my man hood just shrink. :eek:Liter rear wheel and tire is way important when going through the whoops at speed. You can really feel the difference with the heavy Baja light and a heavy back tire is killer to control. Most don't think that the XR650R can do 70 foot table tops, 60 foot doubles, 70' step overs but, it can and does ok at it. This is where the weight is a very big deal to deal with. The bike moves very slow through the air and it is hard to change it's attitude.



I have a odo w/cable off a XR400R (I think it is the same) and it weighs right at 7oz.

Impressive stuff :banghead:

I saw Rob Barnem flying through the woops down in Baja....his bike was puting out some power!!!

I quess this is not a good choice for off-roading, but for supermoto it would be nice. I know of 3 guys on supermotojunkie that have done airbox and rear subframe removal on the 650R, they just put a pod filter on the carb, and one guy even did his own custom shortie pipe. Im sure there is what 6-8 pounds with the airbox and subframe?

Ive also seen guys take off the shrouds, skid plate, no hand gaurds, shaved rear fender, all that plastic adds up.

I don't think I saw this listed:

1. - Change out stock steel tank for a plastic one

2. - Remove riding buddy pegs

I don't think I saw this listed:

1. - Change out stock steel tank for a plastic one

2. - Remove riding buddy pegs

That would be for an "L" only not the "R".

Don't use the Sidewinder Ti Chain: the 650 will stretch it in ten minutes.....

You know this from that you stretched one or you think it will.They have three tensil strength's,got the mid one and it's holding up good so far,quite a few mile's on my motard set up.Have never run it offroad,have a seprate set up when I swap her over to duel sport/dirt.

get your suspension done. It doesn't actually save any weight, but it makes the bike feel a lot lighter. And that is what you are looking for isn't it?

Join a good gym and enjoy the pig,do your suspension it will make your bike feel lighter and quicker.

ive seen mods to use a smaller battery off of a 450X, that should get you a few and you can relocate it under the seat. If you search thats been on here with great pics so you can see everything. With batt, battery box gone that should be 5-10 lbs. When i saw that they said it started fine with the smaller battery you just couldnt forget and leave the key on but as long as it starts your fine.

AHHH YEAH OK read a little more closely you donkey Denn10!!! SORRY im rusty im newly rehabilitated :banghead:

Ride with a qt. of gas in the tank but all you can do is circle the truck a few times. :banghead:

8 lbs. per gallon of liquid... so drain the forks.

The XR will never be a CR. Why do you think 10 lbs will make such a differance ? You can shave the seat foam :busted: Only kidding ! I've had CRs for years and i too was looking the other day at my XR thinking the same thing and after 5 min, I went to taco bell and had a taco ! Back in the day of kids i had a schwinn stingray and i designed a pattern and than drilled out the entire frame with 3/8" holes :banghead: it got lots of attention,than my friend tried to copy me and he did the same thing but he had a murry (it broke in half) The wall thicknesses were not the same. You can only do so much.

Try that with a Huffy! Murray was like twice as heavy as a Huffy...I bet it would float off.....

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