Checking Valves

I'm getting ready to check my vavles for the first time. My question is can you reuse the gasket off of the engine head? Or do I need to buy a new one?

You only need to remove the valve cover. You should be able to save the seal if careful...It looks like it can withstand a few R+R's...Check for leaks after restarting.

Yeah, the gasket for the head cover is pretty harty, you shouldn't have any trouble reusing it...........with that said, inspect it for any dings or warped areas that may not seal again.


Dodger :D:)

I've R&R'ed my valve cover several times and the gasket does not appear to suffer any wear. There's no real oil pressure behind it and the cover is only held on by a couple screws that seat before applying very much pressure on the cover.

The first time you remove the cover, you will find a thin residue on the gasket from some type of sealant. Just clean it all off and reuse it without sealant. I wet it with oil to help it seal up and I've never seen any sign of dirt intrusion or oil leakage.

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