mods for TTR125L

What are the best mods for a 2002 TTR125L? How do you "uncork" the exhaust? Are there any free mods worth doing? Thanks for any info.

The only free mods are taking out the baffel and gutting the airbox. I have just got stiffer shock springs from BBR and they work as good as yz suspension. But im only 113lbs.

Careful on that "BBR is as good as YZ" stuff. The BBR springs are a very good fix up for the stock suspension. The YZ forks and a good shock will blow a stocky BBR sprung TTR125 away. :) I know as Ive been there and spent the $$$$$$$$$$ :D

After going to I did the Flywheel mod. It cost $30 at a local mill shop. Take the pictures from the web site with you, it will help show the shop what you want. It made a noticeable difference in the low end. The engine accelerates noticably quicker. Also a slight bit more engine braking now. Well worth the $30.


I did that also and im gald that I did i would highly recomend doing it.

See post below.


With being used to the stock suspension and then switching it really feels alot better. That is all I'm saying. I didn't think you would jump on me so quick. Plus, I am not 200lbs I am only 113lbs. I think that 87lbs would really effect how the suspension works. I am a member of the AMA and race at Actiontown, Elizabeth City, Rolling Hills, and Birch Creek all in Virginia. That is just to name a few. I have even been to a Motocross school last year. I am only 13 years old and I have already dedicated myself to this sport. So please do not hint that I am not a racer anymore.

So realize who you are talking to, just my too sense.

TTR125Lracer, I've been tossing around the idea of trying the BBR springs on my son's TTR125L. As cyclenut says, you really can't compare the two different suspensions, but I am interested to hear that you felt a worthwhile improvement. And it does sound as though you speak from some experience, certainly experience that my son could relate to at 12 years old. :)

Newriver For a light rider the BBR stuff is pretty good on a MX track with oil change etc. I feel that when the motor mods make the bike faster the suspension even with BBR springs gets left behind.

If your kid is going to jump, then the stiffer springs are a must have. Especially with racing motocross the springs are something you cannot live without. It is a much funner bike with the suspension fix and I'm sure your kid would like it as much as I do. Probably the best set up on the ttr would be a Pro Circuit T 4 or BBR exhaust system with the stiffer springs. Any other major engines mods after that would require a better suspension fix up. If your kid is under 130lbs, and likes to jump, he will really enjoy the suspension fix.

Cool, thanks. I think that will be the route to go. We don't plan any major motor mods. Did the airbox mod and added a Big Gun exhaust. He doesn't do any real MX yet as we are mainly trail riders, but he does like to jump whatever he can find and has complained about the weak suspenders. :) I'm not sure of his weight, but he is not a real big kid.


Please excuse the abrupt reply. I had you confused with 125Lracer (the names are very similar, and I goofed), who has plagued me with PMs promising to buy BBR springs and Triple clamps that I had for sale, only to back out each time. My comments were uncalled for, as they were based on who I thought you were, not obviously who you are. My mistake, and I apologize. I've deleted the original post.

Kudos on your commitment to the sport at such a young age. If I can offer any help to you, I'm glad to oblige. I've extensively modified two TTR125Ls, and I've been committed to the sport for 25 years (hence the "nut" in Cyclenut).

Again, sorry for the mistake. :)


Thats okay, Cyclenut. I respect you because you are a true dirtbiker and have gave good replies on this site. I just got a little insulted, thats all. Keep the good posts coming!

Free mods???

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