yz426f head pipe

I crimped my head pipe this weakend, I am going to replace it with an FMF highboy or e-series does anyone else have any other suggestions. Also, do I need to re-jet just because I am replacing the head pipe?


I would also consider the FMF PowerBomb header. I've heard a lot of good things about the PowerBomb. You might also look into a complete exhaust such as a Thunder Alley or DRD (many people on this site have had a lot of luck with both of those). Your choice of exhaust will rely on how you want the power to change and what kind of riding you to (track or trails). You will most likely end up rejetting, especially if you go with a complete exhaust system. If you have access to any back issues of Dirt Rider, they did a complete (at the time) 426 exhaust shootout in the September 00 issue I believe. Good luck!

I have a White Bros pipe and it sounds great (compared to the stock). Also, I have 00 426 and my friend I ride with has an 02 426 with stock pipe. I don't know if it's the jetting or the pipe, but my bike is a little stronger. We've only tested through 4th gear (not top end).


It's been said that the factory Yamaha headpipe is a tough item to improve upon. I'd price out the stock item and if it were cheaper to boot, you would still be able to utilize the stock pipe guard as well. Its saved my pipe a couple of times, not to mention my pants or boots.

Those are my thoughts.

Motoman393 has a fix for a headpipe I believe he said for around $20, check out his website. It looks fairly simple. I don't know how to post links, but look for his section on the main page.

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