O/T need advice on computor stuff

G'day guys

I need some info on the right gear to buy for my computor this site is my primary use for the computor the computor is a compaq pentiun II with floppy disc& cd disc drive I know it's probably considered a bit of a dinosaur but its a far cry from what i had what I whant to do is be able to post pictures and stuff like that so I need some info on good scanners and printers cameras etc .and info would be appreciated as I completey computor illiterate but I learning slowly



For your computer, i would buy whatever is the cheapest.

Computer parts these days are superseded faster than anything else you buy and even the cheapest brands are quite good and even come with warranties.

Just compare features and find the cheapest brand.

Spend your hard earned money on your bike, not your computer. :)

Mike. :D

Computer literacy is relative. You're already better at it than you were last week or last month, no? Don't worry, it comes easy and fast the more you do.

For pictures, the most direct way is to use a digital camera and download the pictures from the camera to the computer. The camera should come with a patch cord and software. I'd start with a cheap camera and practice with daytime shots. But if you've got the bob, a few extra features go a long way in low light situations or action shots.

A scanner would only be useful if you have prints or documents that you want to post. In that case, again, a relatively cheap scanner might do for the first 6 months or a year.

After you have your pictures sitting on your computer as files (with intuitive filenames, I might add) you have to copy them to a web server somewhere so people can access them. They can't get them from your home computer unless you go through some fairly advanced configuring. You don't want strangers on your machine anyway. Your internet service provider (ISP) might offer web hosting for a fee or even free. Ask them. If not, you'll have to "hire" someone to host your pictures for you.

You'll have to learn about URLs and directory structures and such. Not a problem, just takes time and patience. You'll have hundreds of questions. Some hard, some not. email me anytime with "dumb" questions (theo@selway.umt.edu).



My suggestion is to buy devices that use USB. Assuming your computer has USB ports that is. USB makes hooking up and installing devices easy. USB is also very fast.


"Computer Resource Speicalist" - Doesn't that sound important?

THANKS very much guys and Theo you'll probably be sorry for offering to answer dumb questions I promes to use it as a last resort .and I notice you had a 76 cruiser ,I had a 74 short wheel base first of the 4speeds with a 350 in it .I spent a fortune on that truck and regreted selling ever since it even my wife loved it ,oh well it gone now


Sorry to hear you had to sell your Cruiser. Mine is yet to see the trails; I have a couple of nights of troubleshooting still to do. And every time I go out to the shop to take a look at it, the DRZ starts singing a siren song and the next thing you know I'm tearing off down the road to the trails. 5km and I'm in the dirt. If I ever want the Cruiser to run proper I may have to chain the DRZ to a fence post and throw away the key. Such a sweet as bike!

The email offer stands. Any time. There might be some delay though. I'm hard at work while you're sawing logs! Or is it the other way around? :)

Yes your right they are a sweet machine :) but so's the cruiser I don't think I could have both in the shed to much mental conflicked as you've found .Is yours a shorty or a LWB ,Hell I miss that truck :D :

I have the shorty. I wanted an FJ-45 but they aren't common in the states. I think there are quite a few in Oz. Never saw one in New Zealand; nothing but Landies every where you look!

You need to visit Montana. I know a guy (hint) with a cruiser that will put you behind the wheel. :)

Thanks mate maybe one day I'll get to the states this year I went and rode Cape York :D,next year my wife wants to do a cruise :) and in 2004 I want to do the CAPE again :D :D(but this time come home with all my fingers and leg in one piece and a lot less stitches :D)my brother & his family did the west coast in October last year ,he recons eveyone in the states drives on the wrong side of the road :Dbut they had a ball and he wants to go back and see more of the USA.So maybe I'll get there one day :D


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