Pic's back when I was a fast guy


What do you mean "back when"? Come on - your only 49 - still a kid...

yea ... i was expecting to see pics from the 70's or 80's lol. the hondas dont look that old so it wasnt even that long ago .. keep riding brother ...:banghead:

I wish I had classic moto photos of the past like that! I am 45, and hope to still be doing that at 49! Nice Photos... :banghead:

You don't get slower, just more cautious!

I've got a T-Shirt that says:

"You don't stop riding because you get old,

You get old because you stop riding"

Truer words have never been spoken. :banghead:

Ride on! :busted:

The guy is bummed because he broke his neck a few months back and his vertebrae isn't healing too well....

Sorry to hear about the neck man....dont kill yourself looking over these older pictures just yet. Take it easy and heal well! Best of luck man... This probably isnt the responses you want to hear, but you dodged a really serious bullet and your doing pretty well right now (you can walk and poop when you want). Keep it up :banghead:


Geez, now I feel like an idiot... Didn't know the situation, sorry to hear about that, I wish you the best, hope you are riding again soon.

still looks fast to me!

That CR250 is no earlier than a '97, so that's no longer than 10 years ago.

The guy is bummed because he broke his neck a few months back and his vertebrae isn't healing too well....

He's not dead nor paralyzed, so that's two points in favor of still being fast and able to ride when they do heal well. Definitely give everything the time it needs to heal and try to think of those pics as the glory days that merely preceded the glory days yet to come. :banghead:

where are these pics from? gotta be north cali hollister maybe?

I like the fact that you are looking at three different bikes. Look at the exhaust, skid plate and number plate. I can relate to the hold on the bars, possision of the knees and the boots on the pegs. I am 43 and am dealing with the same feelings. Not near the same trama as a broken neck;

I now have bone degeration and most of the bone has desolved sence this X-ray. Broken ribs, collar bone, cut spleen, Fused corpral bones and the bone cut in the clear and the wrist screwed. I still ride but, nothing like before. Just had to adjust the prespective of fun. Kids are having a good time and wife is happy. Still know God is in control. I will be riding Dumont this next weekend.


This little video was ten months out of surgery as were most of the other video's of me on my sight. Non of the big air stuff but, I still have fun.



I think this should give hope and a better perspective of how to adjust to any big problem

ouch. sorry to hear all that on the hand. i would say you dont regret any of it though!:busted:

as long as the wife and kids are happy, good on ya!:banghead:

I am getting old and would hate to have that kind of down time!

Maybe that is why I can't fly like you guys can?

Pay to play!

where are these pics from? gotta be north cali hollister maybe?

There from the National Harescramble, few dif years.2001 was by best year, took first place in Sr.B on sat. came back on sun. and fifth in the Vet B,then they bumped me to A class after next race,raced A the rest of the year wound up fifth over all Sr.A at the end (suckers and three race head start on points)Doubt my wife will ever let race again.And the best part was I bought my pig that year

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