Aussie KTM owners 2nd recall

I just got the call today, all 03 modles have been recalled, they told me it was 100% failure rate in all triple clamps. They told me that they all have to be replaced! Even if they where alright when they where 1st checked. :)


I'm waiting for the review on the 200exc and 250exc, do you think they are all effected as in sx and exc?

I'm travelling to Rockhampton, north of Queensland, next week. Do you have any recommendation of bike shops I can visit for aftermarket parts purchase?

I'm staying in Bayshore area. Thank you for your advise.

Was that a call from KTM or the dealer? I just picked up a 525exc last week, and they told me that they checked the clamps and that all was ok. Maybe all is not what it seems.

What Are they replacing them with?


Just do yourself a fevour,take the frontfender off,cleen the undersite of your trippleclamp with Contactcleaner and check the imprint.In the middle of the circle is a 2.around the 2 are 12 tryangels.if you find 4 to 7 dots in the tryangels your trippleclamp needs to be replaced.Go in touch with your Dealer.Some dealers may not react as quick as you would like because it creates a lot of problems for them and they loose a lot of money because of it.And dont aspect a new trippleclamp right away because KTM Austria does not have enaugh,What they have will be evenly distributed around the World.So YOU BETTER BE AT YOUR DEALER FIRST. :)all <font color="orange">


Yep, just got the courtesy phonecall from my dealer, saying that KTM have elected to replace all lower triple clamps which were manufactured over a certain timeframe, which covers most of the current bikes sold and in stock in Australia. The dealers wont get the clamps till next week in all likelihood, and the instruction is, do NOT ride the bike until the clamps are changed.

Looks like KTM have decided to be cautious and change over the whole lot, just in case.


Yep, Just got a call tonight to bring the bike in, and not to ride it. Total recall and replacment. Better safe than over the bars at high speed!!!!!!!! :)


Thanks for your post, Helmut. I live in the US and checked the mfr stamp on my triple clamp. KTM has already approved it but it was before your recent post. According to your information, mine is within that group that requires replacment. My KTM dealer here has heard nothing. I've taken a photo if your interested.

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