CFC guards.. Need your comments.

I just found a post on another forum :) about those CFC clutch & ignition covers and it wasn't a glowing report either.

Here's what they said:

Got new clutch cover guard from CFC Offroad: What a gyp!!!

I just received my new clutch cover protector plate made by CFC. This is uses metal that is not much thicker than aluminum foil. And to think that I paid $25 for this piece of flimsy junk. I could have made the cover myself with a sheet of aluminum and a hammer. It attaches with silicon seal which is another decidedly inferior (ie.e cheap) feature.

It goes back tomorrow!!!

John F.

I was thinking about buying a set of these.

Does anyone else have any complaints about them?

Mike. :D


I'd venture to say that this person couldn't make these out of a hammer and some tin foil. I personally think CFC has created an excellent product. They have saved my ignition cover a couple times had I not been using them.

The fit/finish is excellent, I've had no issues with the silicon adhesive, and it dresses up the appearance of the bike significantly.

For $25.00, I'd say it's a heck of a deal.

Mike :)

It sounds like this guy might get along well with my wife, NOTHING is ever good enough for these types. And he has the added "give me something for nothing" attitude.

They are a great product for the price and worth every penny spent. I'm sure they could have manufactured them thicker - but at what cost to the consumer?

Let this guy ride without them and crack his cases - then he'll be screaming about the rip-off of genuine manufactuers parts and prices.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

I just added them to my bike last week. Went riding Saturday, dropped my bike on a steep, rocky, muddy incline and my bike slid all the way down. The case guard has got scratches all over it now...but it would have been my case instead of the guard had I not had the case guard on. And possibly a hole in my case. I think they perform the function that they are built for just fine.

I'm happy with mine - glad I bought 'em!

mine are a very very nice product.that guys is moron!they are a bargian!the fit and finish is top notch and they are leap and bounds nicer than the BD guards.when i tell people how much they are they are shocked and figured they would be double that.dont hesitate!get some! :)

You guys keeping saying they are $25. I just went to order some, and they are $47.95 for both sides. Are most of you running them on both sides?

As usual on this site, when someone tries to post a negative comment about a good product, it has the reverse effect.

ummm,one person said $25,and he means for one get the get them for 47.95 for the!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great product, saved my a$$ when I crashed out in the Mexican desert!


My opinion:Great product at a fair price.

My partner cracked 2 cases before he had me buy the guards for him. He has had them for 2 months now, and still hasn't put them on. Saturday he wiped out on a hill climb and put the shifter thru the case.... 3RD TIME! All I could do was smile at him and say "SUCKER". He knew I was rite.

Anyway, I love mine, and this individual obviously didn't give them a chance or he would like them too. He'll see how much he hates them when he's pushing his bike for miles and miles.

When mine came in, I personally thought that there wasn't a whole lot there for $50, but they've been tried and tested and I think that saved my ignition side once or twice so their worth every penny now! Plus they fit like a glove and they most importantly of all.....they look good on and thats what counts right! :) I'm really glad I got them. Cheap insurance IMO

Great value for the $$. Put on both sides. Only other thing I would put on would be the SFB cases @ about $250. Your choice. :D:)

NOt much thicker than aluminum foil? He must buy some thick foil and be stronger than Superman to get it wrapped around a bowl :)

CFC makes some very good covers and the look great!

We've sold lots of them in the ThumperTalk store and I don't recall a single set coming back. I'd say the satisfaction level is pretty high. We wouldn't sell them if they sucked... :)



ok you guys talked me into it, just ordered me a set, thanks

Hey MikeI got the first set in oz NAR ,NAR .Anyway I was very happy with the quality and the service .You have to get a money order and send it over in total to my door it cost me I think was $ 108.00 aussie dollars that includes the price of the money order freight and both side sheilds. I sent the order on monday and they got it the following monday they shipped it out tuesday and I got it the following tuesday.I like to see the bike that gets a hole in its case through one of these it would look worse then what burned started with it's not as thick as a bash plate but you don't need it to be .and I would like to see someone rip one off after it's been stuck on with silastic, you'd nearly pull the motor out the frame before you get that sucker off.So basicly I'am a very satisfied customer .IAN PS I tried all over Australia and no one here was making them when I bought mine

I don't know if any of you guys are members of Yahoo but that is where i found the post.

Have a read of this thread. I don't know if those guards are patented but someone else is making them and Baja Designs has put their name on them. Apparently they are made from thicker aluminium than the CFC ones. They look like an exact copy.

-> Thread <-

Just another question.. can they be anodized?

Mike. :)

I wonder if anyone has got them up here in Canada?

Is this other plate actually made//sold by BAJA DESIGNS, or is someone ripping them off also??? :D:)

Hey Wobbler, I ordered a set online from the site using my cc. They were here in about a couple weeks and cost about $82 Can for both case plates. I really like them and I feel a lot better having them on. Putting them on was easy but trimming off the excees permatex silicone adhesive almost pushed me over the edge (I used red). That stuff is REALLY meant to stick. But it's all good now :)

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