Stock air filter without backfire screen

Can you use the stock, thin little filter, without the backfire screen? Will it suck the entire filter into the box? Sorry to ask so many dumb questions, but I'm completely new and love my bike. Just want to do the best I can for it!

your bike won't suck the air filter in, as long as their is some kind of plastic supporting the shape of the air filter, most have a plastic cage inside the filter. This would be in addition to any anti-backfire screen. Only bike I ever owned that had one of those was a 92 xr250L. Truthfully if you are looking for more power, get your jetting spot on and open up the airbox a little, I doubt that screen it obstructing the airflow too much ... but I can understand your desire to remove it if you like.

If it's a 650r you need "something" behind the filter to support it. Either the stock screen or aftermarket filter backing.

XR's only makes a less restrictive backfire screan, but you would be better off with a uni or K&N that has its own backing on the filter.

Thanks for the info everyone. This forum is extremely helpful!

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