First Kawasaki, now CCM...

Looks like we might start seeing some CCM boys over here in the coming months. See (click on the "NEW!! R40" link on the front page).

Hang on, though: 50bhp from a stock "E" lump?!? 112Kg!?! Yer 'aving a larf, ain't ya? I don't believe the Scorpion exhause is THAT good! Solution F pneumatic rear shock looks interesting...

if you read the whole thing it says "optional" 41mm fcr and that they working closely with sure the scorpion exhuast is nice,but its not 10+ horsepower nice!

A good engine is a good engine.

Wow! 11hp more and 44lbs less. It might be OK if they have the suspension down.

Gas Gas too just has fuel injection and must be very small person to ride it. Not a whole lot of room on them. They say copying is the most sincere form of flattery. Well we sure are getting flattered. Benz :D:):D

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