Race sag, and jetting

I am new to the four stroke world and looking for some help. I have the 02, with a white brothers R4 exhaust with headpipe and revalved suspension. I am curious as to what to set the race sag at and what jetting works with this pipe. I am at sea level. any help would be appreciated.

I went with a 48 pilot and 1 clip richer on the needle....I also was at 180 main but have since changed to 170.

I would say that you should only change your jetting if you are having a problem. Mine was lean down low so I richened it...the 170 main may get changed back to stock (175).

As far as SAG on a 2002....stock spring I would stay between 95mm and 100mm, if you have gone to a 5.8kg spring then 100mm-105mm. This is all related to how you want it to turn. More Sag = slower turn.

The 4stroke world is great, BUT, it really is sensitive to setup....have fun playing with the clickers......

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