Vent Hoses...

Anyone know why Honda choose to route 2 carb ventilation hoses down by the counter-shaft sprocket while all the rest go out between the swing arm and shock?

I moved them, as well as the re-routed the coolant overflow, to all exit between the swing arm and shock. Anyone see any problems with this.

It makes for a cleaner look and any gook that is emitted goes to the ground rather than your boot, frame or whatever.

i route all my bikes that way and it works fine

I routed mine together also. I agree with the cleaner look. Why they did that is odd with honda being so good with attention to detail.

I know those two got caught in my sprocket and tore up my counter shaft seal.

I route them that way as well. I also replace the water puke hose with a longer one and route it with the vent hoses.

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