wr 400

I got my bike back from the shop and rode around for a couple of days no problems. Then checked my oil, didn't read. ended up adding a full quart of oil to get it to read on the dipstick thought this was crazy. rode for about 2 hrs parked it for 1hr went back out and with in fifteen minutes started bogging down when a hit the throttle then bike over heated and noticed a little oil under bike. now when I start it my exaust pipe glow straight out of my engine. ANY help would be great.

After you refilled the oil and rode it did you check the oil again? The cherry-red pipe is a symptom of too high heat, often caused by (very)lean jetting. What did the shop do to this bike? You might want to bring it back to them and make them re-fix it. Do you have coolant in the oil / oil in the coolant? Does the bike blow a big 'ol bunch of white smoke when you start it up?

Also, check that somethings not plugging up your exhaust...could cause the bog and the heat.

A glowing pipe on these is normal if you're idling it on the stand. If it's glowing while riding despite the air flow, then you may have lean jetting...consult the jetting databse for direction.

Regarding the oil...what method did you use to check it? Did you check it cold? Did you run it for about 30 seconds, turn it off and then check it? If not, then you added WAAAY too much oil and need to drain and recheck/refill. If you need a manual, check the Performance Index sticky for the link to a free one...SC

where's the puddle? Under the breather tube? Under the countershaft? under some other place? - it'll help identify the leak location.

Glowing pipe is normal if not riding - many don't notice it because you really can't see it during the day.

How are you checking your oil? There's only one correct way to check it properly - everything else will give you a false reading.

I have a feeling you checked the oil wrong, therefore overfilled the bike, then it started spooging out the breather, running down the tube and dripping out the bottom - a relatively common issue.

Yes - Yamaha of Australia has our manuals in PDF format - VERY cool!

If you overfilled, use a syringe and clean hose to suck the excess oil back out the filler - beats draining.

Just threw up a pic - didn't have anything close up, but did have one of that side of the bike, drew in the breather tube (it's black rubber) and the drip location. - sorry about the dirty bike - this one actually get ridden :banghead:


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