Raise Handle Bars

I am 6'-1" and find it difficult to do a lot of standing on my 02, Bars are to low, I do not know the technical term of them but who makes the bar mount brackets about 1" higher, or does anyone have an easy fix. I know another option is to lower the pegs.

I have the emig clamps with the tall mounts and I have the IMS footpegs in the stock bracket. The bar mount raised it higher by about 3/4" over stock and the footpegs in the stock bracket brings the pegs back a little more than 1/2". If you buy the IMS mounting brackets, it will drop them down by a little more than 1/2". I am 6'0" and have tried both peg orientations and prefer the pegs to back than down. You could also buy a different bend of bars like the Renthal Jimmy Button Highs. They are huge. Go to httP://www.renthal.com and check out the different bends.

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