XR650R Idle hang

I uncorked my xrr with the stock carb and the idle hangs for a short while and sometimes does not come down at all. When it won't come down I put it in gear with the brake locked and let the clutch out a bit and bring the idle down and sometimes it will stay down. It seems to be getting worse.

I am located in Reno area at 4200 ft. I followed the jetting guide on the Pig Pen. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


My XR650 had the exact same problem. The hanging idle went away after i put in a new set of rings.

I don't believe that is the problem as the bike has not much more than a 100 miles on it and did not hang prior to uncorking it.


Yeah, i had the same problem with my brand new XRR w/ the stock carb after I uncorked it..... I searched the forums and read that the throttle hangs for a little while on new bikes and eventually drops..... no one knows why.

This is what happened with mine. After uncorking it the throttle hung....but the problem just went away after the first few hundred miles... never to hang again! Blip the throttle and it dropped right back down to idle.... who know maybe this will be the same in your case.....its the best answer i got for ya! good luck! :banghead:

It's not a piston ring thing you abviously got rid of the snag when you put it back together.

It's actually in the throttle on my bike ,if i twist it forwards it idles down.

This is also a common problem when the throttle cable has been directed underneath the fuel tank mount [near thermostat]. It should run above it from memory. Honda don't give much them much slack.:banghead:

My 06 XRR was almost new when I got it, and it too seemed to have a hanging idle, but I just went back and forth with the idle screw until I found the "sweet spot". My idle screw is "finicky", and it was more of a feel and not a precise movement back and forth until I found the sweet spot. Too Low, I found the bike wanting to stall with the clutch in on braking, too high and the idle would hang. Now it pretty much idles the same from the first cold start up to fully warm. Try playing with the idle screw if you have not done so at this point to resolve this issue. Make sure your bike is fully warmed up prior to setting the idle with the idle screw. Good luck! :banghead: .

New bikes out of the crate sometimes will need the carb cleaned. Try removing the idle mix screw and blow air in it(don't lose the washer,spring and o-ring).If your lucky it will clean out the pilot jet without removing the carb.Then drain the carb and set the screw at 1 1\4 to 2 1\2 turns or so.

But first check the cables.....

I gotta ask - after you uncorked - rejetted etc, did you adjust the air fuel screw out? if not it will make it hang....

oops - never mind - I wrote this and then realized it had already been answered, more coffee.....

But first check the cables.....

Cable adjustment first. Then if it still does it,if you been messing with the neddle check the little linkage in the top of the carb,didn't get mine tight enough(afraid I mite strip it) and after a little while it came loose,and gave the sysptoms your having.

had the same problem just recently.ended up going to a 68 pilot and bingo all is well .175 main 68 pilot 3rd notch from top of needle .uncorked and hauls ass !!!!!!!

One time I had a problem with the idle hanging high. A little excess effort to roll the throttle closed brought the idle back down. I checked both throttle cables and they worked fine, weren’t dragging, and weren’t pinched anywhere. Finally I took the slide out of the carb and noticed some sticky residue on the side of the slide. You know the same kind of sticky residue you get in the float bowl if you park the bike for too long without draining the fuel from the float bowl and then the fuel evaporates leaving behind a sticky residue that clogs the jets? That’s what was preventing the slide from returning to the closed position. Check your slide and make sure the linkage, return spring, and internal linkage safety spring are all in working order.

Depending on altitude my throttle will hang...i've done just about everything possible to eliminate it. Cleaned cables, cleaned throttle assembly, replaced slide linkage, plugged the diaphram vacum, checked cable routing, and still it would hang. Seems to me that when it was running too rich i would get a hang....maybe worth changing your jetting...

Thanks for all the helpful replies. I have played with the idle and it is improved but it still seems to want to hang some. I will try the suggestions here and let you know the outcome.


Hanging idle = lean idle circuit.

Go to the jetting section of TT. This question comes up all the time with XRs and a lot of other bikes. Eddie Sisneros answer is always the same. Enrichen the idle circuit.

I had the same problem on my XRR. It is easy to see if the throttle cables are failing to close the throttle. If the bellcrank is at the stop and the idle is still high it isn't the linkage.

Once the XR is uncorked it needs a 68S idle jet minimum (at lower altitudes perhaps a 70S). Enrichen the idle mixture until the hanging idle goes away. Note that if the idle speed is set too high the hanging idle may persist. Lower the idle speed. I find that to keep the hanging idle at bay, I need to run an idle speed just below what I might consider optimal.


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