HRC 628 crank/rod 80mm stroke

HRC crank/rod 80mm stroke, I found one on Ebay. Is this really needed for a upgrade to a 628 kit? I saw a week ago a HRC piston/628cc but I didnt go for it.

I just thought with the HRC parts for the XR600 not available that other aftermartket parts will do.

Any thoughts? For what Ive been reading here on the forum, about the only thing that needs attention are the rocker arms if your using a aftermarket cam other than a HRC.

Using the 628 kit, is the bottom end at risk? Would this HRC crank and rod help?

New this all of this and excuse all the questions!


A good,healthy XR600 with a stock crank can take the abuse of a 628/640 or 660 cc.

No problem.

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