OT: Media showed their true colors last night

The PRESIDENT of the United States gave a speech to the country and the major networks don't put it on.

Un-fricken believable.

I agree....and they wonder why the typical American citizen is so apathetic...most of them don't even know whats really going on in this country.

The only good place to get "real" news is from FOX!!!

I'm told NBC DID carry it.

It was on Fox for me, that is a local network in my area. I cannot believe it wasn't on NBC or anything else, I didn't even know. See, he is a weasel.

kill your T.V.!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

It was on EVERY station here.

Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS & CNN I think ESPN missed it but all of the others covered it.

You need to direct your displeasure to your local affiliates because they where the ones that opted not to televise it.

According to the news this morning, the networks felt that it was a re-hash of things the Pres. has said before, so they didn't bother to air it on the East Coast. It was on every network on the West Coast.

If you haven't read the book "Bias", you should. It gives example after example of the established media's liberal bias.

Can't have the President of the United States screwing up prime time television, can we?

This was the PRESIDENT of the USA. Making a very important speech on our FUTURE. Our men and woman in the military will probably soon risk their lives for our cause and the big shot TV networks couldn't give him 20 minutes. How pathetic. Apparently Drew Carey, Fear Factor, and King of Queens are more important. urrrrghh :)

I heard the reason the networks didn't put him on was because the whitehouse never asked for a time slot like they always do.

I agree thouh, the media is very biased.


There are 3 "reasons" and you can take them for what they are.

1)President Bush did not request air time

2)He was at a GOP fundraiser( atleast that is what I hear)

3)The speech was not from the White House, nor any "official" location

That in itself is reason and reasonable not to air it, I guess. But the question should be, "if this were Clinton would they have aired it"?

But the question should be, "if this were Clinton would they have aired it"?

Probably, and that'd be followed by an indictment, then endless Senate hearings, then charges of bias and political grandstanding and before you know it we find out the man can't keep his "toy" in his pants and we get a bill for 400 million bucks to find that out.

"But the question should be"

Do we really want to go over this again and is this where we want to do it?

Watched him on CNN (they have the best captioner) you are of course right on this. The man is talking about more war and major channels don't even carry it. Ridiculous! Benz :D:):D

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