Bub-bye YZ250F

Ok, I am a bit big for a 250F (190lbs) but have been very competive on this bike. I have absolutely no complaints.

I messed up and rode a YZ450F and now my 250F feels like a TTR125L. I havent rode an '03 250F (I was planning to get one until this point) but I now have a crack-like addiction the insane horsepower of the 450F. The bike's weight and starting proceedure is finally under control.

If you weigh more than a supermodel, go try your buds 450F just once.

Well Johnny G as the owner of a 2001 426 waiting for a 2003 250F Your not helping me feel comfortable in my decision!! I've never ridden a 250F,and I am concerned about the 4-speed because I mainly do Hare Scrambles.I had a brief ride on the 450 and its a huge difference in weight and feel compared to the 426. Ahhh hell,I don't know what to do!!

Yes, I rode my friends new 450 - bad idea as far as 250F loyalty. This bike has insane torque, but it is all very controllable. Somehow smoother than a 426, but somehow feels like a 426 on steroids. The weight was an issue with me on the 426, but no more. Now if I just had an extra 6500 laying around! :)

Can't wait until Yamaha snaps and puts the 5-speed in like they should have done in the first place. Not everybody rides on a motocross track. :)

I would doubt that will ever happen unless there is major public outcry. I don't see them going back to a 5 speed, not for the production run of this bike. Unless there was huge demand AND they found another way to shave off that extra weight- that gear is what got them underneath the Honda. Although I don't agree w/ it either, I understand why they did it. The YZ is now almost totally race focused, and I don't like the loss of versility, but that's what people wanted- a race-ready machine. That's what they got. Looks like those who want to do things other than moto are gonna be buying straight WR now...

"Can't wait until Yamaha snaps and puts the 5-speed in like they should have done in the first place. Not everybody rides on a motocross track."

Gee, that must be why they make the YZ for MOTOCROSS and the WR for people who want to ride something else! :)

There probably are a few people out there who would like to buy the lightest, fastest, most state of the art off road machine without paying for the extra weight of: a headlight, a tailight, an odometer, a kickstand, an electric starter, a battery, a lighting coil..... :):D :D

In talking to guys who have ridden the 450f in the open desert I have heard no complaints about the 4-speed. They (I haven't ridden the bike) say that the new gearing and torque of the 450f more than compensate for the missing gear (final drive ratio is the same as a 426f anyways). It seems to me that it is one less shift to make while racing...

every single friend i have who owns a 400+ bike, blue or any other color, is trying to trade it for a 250f.

they apparently grind your muscles down after a few laps, even the new 450f.

Everyone I know is going for more ponies. I'm ridin an 01 426 with a Dr. D pipe that is blazin fast and I can't get enough of it. Next stop 450 nirvana!

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