I really enjoy.

I have been a TT member for quite a while now, and although I seldom send replies I am on everyday and have really learned a lot from this site. But I just want to say that I really enjoy reading from ANTMAN, MXRACERAZ, AND MXADDICT. I know that there are a lot of great guys out there but these three know there stuff and I just wanted to give some recognition.

Hey, hey! I agree, these guys always have good posts and add a lot to TT. I too have learned quite a bit from them. As much as they post, it kinda makes you wonder if any of them actually have jobs! :)

Kudos to them! I agree they are helpful and I have learned a ton. :)

king kong, thanks. I am glad I could help. That is why we are all here. To learn new ideas and things and to help out our fellow 2 wheel buddies.

I too enjoy the inputs of those fine gentlemen, and would like to add more to the list that come to mind!


Rid red

Chris in the mojave

Red 450

Randy :)

I'd give these guys 5 stars if I could!

The posts by these guys, and others in the different forums, were the deciding factor in buying my CRF. I have been able setup the bike and "fix" things before they would ever be a problem. Thanks.

I couldn't agree more with the rest of ya. There's been a wealth of knowledge shared on each and every forum that can help the beginner to the experts, never new so many free mods actually existed :). Lots of good people come to mind on each forum and a few have been named above, many thanks to all of them........TW

I'd like to add my thanks to these guys, and to everybody in the TT forum. This forum helped me decide to move up to the CRF450, and it's been a huge help already in getting used to the bike.

I'm a 1000-post guy in a different (technical work) forum, so I know how much work it is to contribute at that level in a forum. Now I'm on the receiving end of your generosity, and it is much appreciated!

I also just put the "THUMPERTALK.COM" front fender stickers on my bike last weekend, and I've already pointed a half-dozen interested folks to this forum. Keep up the great work, and thanks again.

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