Plating an EXC in CA: Do I have everything I need?

I've searched TT carefully and think that I have a good understanding of what I need to get a plate in CA. But just to make sure, and to avoid having to make multiple trips to the DMV, could others who have already done this please let me know if I'm missing anything? I want to dual register my 02 400 EXC-G. Here is everything I think I need to get it done in one shot......

1. Three SOF forms. One for the B&L inspection signed by my dealer. One signed by me stating that I have read and understand the requirements of CHP Form 888. And one signed by me stating that I understand I will have to pay for two registrations.

2. Proof of insurance.

3. Certificate of Title

4. Current OHV green sticker registration

5. About $80-$100 bucks

My DMV appointment is this Thursday the 10th.



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