2007 YZ450F Jetting...

I am from Utah where the average altitude is about 4500 feet. I am going to be riding the desert of Southern California over the new years weekend out at the tracks.

I currently have a NFLR needle jet with the clip in the middle position, 45 primary and a 062 main, and the air mix screw at 2 1/2 turns out....

will this set up work out in California?

I have never ridden a 4 stroke out in california before, so I need to know...

Thanks for your time.......

The pilot is probably OK, but you'll probably want to go to a 165-168 main jet for the drop in altitude. In the warmer months, it wouldn't matter that much because the higher temperatures would compensate for the altitude to some extent, but this time of year, I'd guess that would be a little lean.

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