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Just another ignorant question

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I know this is probably just another dumb question coming from someone who know nothing about engines. Everyone is talking about fouling plugs. What is this, how is it done, and how can you tell. I know that you can pull the plug and take a look at it but can you tell without pulling the plug. Will there be a noticable differance in the way the bike runs or will it not run at all? Can you continue to ride with a fouled plug?

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Hey Guy, no dumb questions.........

You can foul a plug by running to rich, or too lean. If your loading up a plug, you will notice a significant degredation in how your bike is running. Lack of power, popping, backfiring, no throttle response. In most cases, once your plug is fouled, you will need to either clean it (there's a few different tips on here about that, use the search - one hint "OvenCleaner"), or do as I do, just put a new one in. Most cases, your bike won't even run on a fouled plug.

How a plug looks can be an indication of weather it's close to fouling or not, but the best way is to let how the bike is running determine if your fouled or not. My plugs still come out black on the sides, and tan on the electrode. A good tan color is what your after.

Hope that helps some.......


Dodger :D:)

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