Starting with flip flops on (Vid)

I added a Hot Cam to my bike, along with an 11:1 piston, no auto decompressor. I would LOVE to see someone attempt to start my bike with flip flops on. That would be some funny stuff!

My bike also makes the same noise as mentioned above-a buzzing from the oil pump but only when cold. Once it warms up-the noise is gone! I know my pump is not bad because it is brand new. I just replaced it when I last had the motor torn apart about 3 months ago.

If you tend to live in flip flops you will get her going. I do not wear my riding boots while working on the bike...:busted::banghead:

Screw the flip-flops, who needs stinkin' flip-flops? I can start my L with two broken legs, naked, whilst in a semi-comatose state sitting in a wheelchair.

As long as I can use one of my ten digits on either hand ...... it fires right up, every time, go figure. :banghead:

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